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Step 2 (Continued from)

     The second most important step for a new born Christian is to receive the anointing of The Holy Spirit. This gives us the power to live a more abundant and fulfilled life, while living here on earth, in our natural bodies. This anointing gives us a propensity to allow The Holy Spirit to lead us into "good works" as opposed to vain and evil works. (Eph. 2:110, 2Ti. 3:17) In the simplest terms this second step is nothing more than yielding to The Holy Spirit (Who already resides in our newborn spirit and heart), giving him access to our mind (our thought life). It is our mind which controls all our actions. (Luke 11:13, Act. 1:5,6, 2:4,31,38, 8:15,17, 10:44-46, 19:2,6)  With this anointing, The Holy Spirit also gives us supernatural power to align our circumstances, to the will of God, bringing us more and more peace, which surpasses the ability of our natural mind to understand. (Phl. 4:7). At the same time, He also starts the sanctification process of our soul, as we give Him permission to conform more and more of our thinking to God's way of thinking. (Rom. 8:29, 12:2) Jesus, himself, received this anointing of The Holy Spirit after He was baptized by John in the Jordon River. (Mat 3:16, Mar 1:10, Luke 3:22, John 1:32) Simply put, we need this anointing of The Holy Spirit to be able to win the battles that this fallen world is going to wage against us. Can we still receive eternal life without receiving this anointing? Yes. However, once we seek and then receive His anointed presence, He communes with us in our thought life (mind), to a much greater degree, making available His counsel on every situation which we face in life. He also reveals the truth of God's word in a much deeper way, than we could ever hope to understand by using just our own intellect. I have tried living my life both ways, and the way that I am describing here is far better. This truth is simple, profound, and missed by many Christians, to their detriment. 

     These two steps, for obtaining the "best life" possible, are the same for everyone. The first step of confessing Him as Lord, assures us of an eternal relationship with God, as our Father. The second step allows The Holy Spirit to start a counseling and cleansing work in our mind, so we can be guided in the practical application of God's truths as they apply to our everyday life.

      There is a third step which must be applied, after taking these first two steps. That step has to do with following Jesus's example as he went into the wilderness, fasted and took authority over the Devil. I call this deliverance and every Christian needs some type of deliverance. Frankly, I know very few Christians, who have humbled themselves enough to actively seek this deliverance process to the fullest extent possible, leaving strongholds of the mind to plague them throughout their entire lives, to some degree.        

     Finally, I would never promote a life shaped by religion (Act. 26:5) or worldly "do's and don'ts" (Phl 3:4-10), but rather one shaped by an ever-deepening relationship with the God of everything, through the anointing and guidance of The Holy Spirit. The answers to life's problems is never "one size fits all" but the way to obtain those answers is. People who choose to do, what I have briefly described to do here, in these two steps, will always obtain the correct answers, and those who don't, won't. Itís just that simple. As these steps are put into play, the landscape around a person's life will increasingly become an environment of more and more light and hope. Obstacles, which once overwhelmed us, will become much easier to navigate. (Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.) Many past challenges disappear altogether. Yes, thoughts lead to actions (Pro. 16:25) (Pro. 19:21). Godly thoughts infused into a believer's mind by the anointing of The Holy Spirit produce Godly actions. All other thoughts produce actions, which may seem to work well at first, but eventually unravel, usually revealing their destructive consequences, when we are at our weakest. The bottom line is this. Human beings, within themselves, do not possess the ability to tell the difference between the right or wrong course in life, either individually or corporately. To navigate this life successfully, we need God in our spirit and His Holy Spirit in our mind. God inspired thoughts not only produce the best solutions, but they produce the most satisfying solutions. As we continue in the counsel of The Holy Spirit, these eternal solutions produce enlightened consequences, which outlive our natural lives. They build a legacy, which provides enlightenment and hope for those who follow after us. Without taking these three steps, however, that enlightened legacy will be diminished accordingly. Here is the truth. Many people are not going to do what I have described needs to be done here. (Mat. 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:) I hope some who read this will, because what I have briefly written about here are the most imperative truths, to be acted upon, that will ever be read on the internet, or anywhere else, for that matter.