The Word of the Lord for the United States of America


Written down by Wayne Wade Jan-28-2001 as dictated by the Holy Spirit.


Man has used the increase of his knowledge that comes through you, my God, as an excuse to murder the innocent. He has turned to his technology and his science as his god. Therefore, you shall allow that same technology to enslave this people with a cruel curse. Evil ones shall gain a foothold on this society and on this land in such a way as to cause the faint of heart to renounce you as their savior and their God. They shall twist the truth, calling evil good. The hearts of many shall be persuaded to embrace them. They shall readily murder those who oppose their way. The murders they commit shall be called justice by those who covet their neighbor’s wealth. The hearts of the masses will turn cold with fear. Evil representatives will take their elected seats in government, giving power to the devil. A time of turmoil will come on this land that has not been experienced since the Civil War.


While even now these things are beginning to take place it is important for the church to know that our God is raising up a standard. Pastors have been forced to carry the burden of leading the church because of the rebellion that has been a part of the church since the time of Paul’s ministry. In this time of testing, however, before the gospel is spread to all the world, God shall raise up a people who shall walk in every gift of the Holy Spirit and in union with one another through the power of the love bestowed by that same Holy One.


Apostles shall minister to churches in love and shall not judge but be guided by meekness and humility. Prophets shall proclaim the word of the Lord and know that it is his word that rules and not their righteousness. Pastors shall not react in fear, but shall be ruled by a mind of discernment in all things. Teachers shall be given teachable spirits and shall not rely on the vain imaginations of a foolish heart. Evangelists shall go where The Holy Spirit leads and say what he commands.  No Mother or Father of this chosen remnant will ever have to say, “Lord, Lord, I have been the instrument of your salvation to many, but my own children are counted among the lost.”