Man is a Tri Fold Being (composed of a body, soul (mind, will, emotions, heart) and a spirit)


     The bible calls the unborn spirit of a human being the breath of God (Gen. 4:7) and it is not something which can be intellectually understood in any great detail. This unborn spirit, like the egg in a woman's womb, either returns to God upon our physical death (Ecc. 12:7) or is united with the Spirit of Christ, (Col. 1:27)  to become what Jesus described as being born of the spirit. (Jhn. 3:3,5), thus becoming that new creature. (2 Cor. 5:17) Our brains through the use of the five senses can never comprehend the composition and characteristics of our spirit (The new man) in any great detail, (1 Cor. 13:12) other than to know that this part of a believer is a completely new creature which is created in righteousness and true holiness (Eph.4:24)) and then sealed from the effects of this sinful world until the day of our final redemption. (Eph.4:30) Sin cannot touch our spirit, which is also referred to as the "new man". (1 Jhn. 3:9) What I just said is a mouth full. The only requirement for this new birth of the new man is that we choose to repent of our unbelief and believe on Jesus Christ. "Repent" is mentioned 24 times in the New Testament and nowhere does the bible say we must repent of a list of sins before we choose to believe. (Rom. 10:9)

      The word "soul" is mentioned over 450 times in the Bible. Yet, many Christians confuse the characteristics of the soul with those of the spirit. The two are vastly different. The soul, maintains awareness between our natural minds and this world, through the five physical senses. The soul can also communicate with the spirit realm, God, devils, angels, and of course reason within it's own self. Our soul cannot understand or influence our spirit, but the new born spirit can and does influence our soul. The soul (mind, will, emotions) is that part of us which needs to be redeemed step by step. It will not be fully redeemed until a believer goes before the judgment seat of Christ. (Rom. 14:10, 2 Co. 5:10) The soul is the part of a believer which needs to have it's salvation worked on day after day. (Phl. 2:12) The process is often referred to as sanctification. The soul is that part of a Christian which harbors demonic oppression, ancestral sins and strong holds of the devil. The soul is the seat of a believer's thought life which must be conformed to the mind of Christ bit by bit. (Rom. 8:29, 12:2) The soul, unlike the spirit, became a self-aware person at the natural birth. (1 Co. 15:45) Many theologians get this wrong. However, I can find nowhere where the bible say Adam was made a living self-aware spirit at his creation. There would have been no need for the tree of life if that were true. If he had been alive spiritually, and then died spiritually the statement made by the trinity in Genesis 3:22 would have made no sense. There is not a shred of evidence in the word of God to support this type of thinking. However there is evidence to the contrary. Angels are spirit beings and they never die. However, Jesus says that the soul not only dies but is destroyed. (Mat. 10:28) This is deep stuff and I would not fault the reader for not completely agreeing with me. I believe that the scriptures are indicating that the soul dies a little bit at a time after being removed from the presence of God in hell. I don't believe it ever loses it's self awareness. I say this after studying a preponderance of scriptures and mediating on them for many years.

      Everyone can understand the basic makeup of the human body and basically how it's biology functions. I don't believe that I need to do much explaining about that. What we are not good at understanding, in any depth, is how our bodies interphase with the soul or mind. We know it does and we know that this communication link is made up of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. How those signals are processed and stored in the biological brain is still very much a mystery to science. Our bodies do have very complex physical cravings and are chemically conditioned to respond to certain chemical changes from within and without. Sensations of pain and pleasure can be experienced through our nervous system but there is no ability in our biological body to be able to make logical judgments or reason on a higher level. The body doesn't have a conscience or the ability to judge right or wrong. Simply put, the biological body only responds in a very mechanical way to either outside stimuli or the internal stimuli generated by the soul or mind.  

      It makes sense, that God would have created man in this tri-fold fashion, for three reasons. The first reason was to protect his kingdom from the proliferation of more sin and also protect us from living forever in our sin. How? Because at our natural birth we are born with a living self-aware soul, but not a living self-aware spirit. The spiritual part of us, before we become born of the spirit, is the breath of God, which only becomes the new self aware creature at the moment we confess Jesus Christ as Lord of all. (Rom. 10:9) Nowhere does the bible say that our dead spirit is regenerated, as some theologians teach. What does the bible say? The bible says, "if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new". (2 Co. 5:17) We are new creatures not resurrected creatures regenerated from an old dead spirit. How much clearer do the scriptures have to be for one to understand what I am saying here? When that breath of God is united with the spirit of Christ, that "new man" is immediately sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. Thus our sins are confined to the earth and cannot contaminant our "new man" or those heavenly realms. The second reason for doing things this way is so God could be sure He was respecting Adam's freedom to choose. In order to do that He provided the tree of life as another way of receiving everlasting spiritual life without Christ. The third reason for doing things this way was because God wanted a family, not just more servants.

      The very nature of God, himself, supports my thoughts on this matter. God is immutable, incapable of being changed from without. He also knows everything that has happened and everything that will happen down to the finest detail. Therefore, Satan could never hope, on his best day, to ruin Godís plans. Yet, I believe that is exactly what would have happened, if man had been made a fully self-aware spiritual being, by eating from the tree of life and then sinning. There would have been no provision for redemption from sin simply because spiritual beings cannot be redeemed from sin. After sinning, Adam would have lived forever in his sins, as the angels do. Therefore, God devised a plan, before the foundation of the world, to cause the resurrected spirit of his first begotten son, to be joined with that spirit of man which is the breath of God. Christís Spirit joined with our spirit makes it not only possible for us to be alive spiritually and forgiven of our sins, but it also provides the means for us to become the sons of God and joint heirs with Christ in the family of God, with no possibility of ever being separated from the living God by anyone or anything. (Rom. 8:39)