Demons and Demon Interference Explained Including Ancestral Demon…


            Learned behavior, imprinting, genetic predisposition and demonic interference are major ingredients that help promote the passing on of iniquities from generation to generation. The main ingredient that fuels iniquity, however, is the unrepentant heart of mankind. In the following, I will talk a little about what I have learned about demon interference in the soul of a believer. 

            What are demons and what are some of the signs to look for to recognize their deceptions in the human soul? The word demon is not used anywhere in the bible but the bible does mention principalities and powers as forces believers must battle against, indicating that Satan’s empire is structured with a hierarchy of what I believe are fallen angels. (Eph. 6:12) Certain demons have authority over other demons. Many times demons work to create a demonic personality or personalities (There can be multiple personalities) within a person’s soul, which is or are in direct conflict with the original personality thought up and created by God. I believe the boss in charge of this entire network, who resides with the host, and who has the highest authority from Satan to work in that individual is better labeled a "Gate Keeper" rather than an "ancestral demon" as Dr. Albright calls him. Call him a "power demon" or an "ancestral demon" or a "gate keeper" or anything else you want to call him. It is much more important to understand how demons work and how to deal with them, than it is to worry about what label to give them. Demons can only be dealt with by a believer through the power of The Holy Spirit. Anyone who is reading this, without His enlightenment, will not be able to take what I am saying here very seriously. 

             Demons like to hide. One way they do this is to make the poor host and others believe their communications to the host are the host’s own thoughts. They have time to do this very effectively if they can reside with the host during the critical learning periods of infancy and young childhood. They are skilled in playing the host and those coming in contact with the host, for, or against each other, to help promote Satan’s evil work. They often manipulate parents to unwittingly aid each other in the destruction of their own children, by coordinated efforts initiated with the help of other demons controlling the parents. They sometimes encourage the demonic side of a family to turn against another member or members of the family as Satan directs, especially if that member or members become committed to following the will of God for their lives. Jesus foretold this when he said, (Luke 12:51-52) "You suppose I have come to give peace on earth? No, but rather division: For from this point on, there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three."  

            In dealing with demons, I have found they do not like to leave once they enter. They do not usually jump from the parent to the child. Demons oppressing the parent simply invite other demons to enter into the child. They spend a lot of time and energy gaining control of a person’s mind, building their house just the way they want it, if you will, and they do not give it up voluntarily to start all over again. The Demoniac of the Gadarenes is an excellent proof of this trait ingrained into demons to stay put. Jesus was dealing with a legion of them in this man. Not a single one seemed to have a problem with it becoming too crowded. 

            Dr. Albright refers to the “power demon” in control of all other demons in a person's soul as an "ancestral demon". However, that seems confusing to me. The word "ancestral" makes me think the same demon is inherited from one generation to the next.  As I have said before, demons spend a lot of time building their house and they do not like to leave it, to jump from one person into another.

            Who is more prone to demonic activity? People, who have had doors opened by iniquities created by the sins of incest, pornography, drug abuse, satanic ritual abuse, child abuse, false religion, neglect, eating disorders, homosexuality, etc. become prime targets for demonic influence.

            Once demons gain a foothold, they may invite others to join them. In this way they help magnify the destructive effects of sin. In this environment demons can be invited into a child at or before birth, by the demons that have gained control of the child’s parent or parents. Many times demons, promoting iniquity in a child’s parents, attract other demons, promoting similar destructive effects of that same kind of iniquity in their offspring. "Birds of a feather flock together". For example, if that iniquity is child abuse, then that sin, unchecked, can continue to the next generation, aggravated by demons inviting other demons of like kind to enter the child. This may be where the term "ancestral demon" came from, because the fellowship of demons invading a family does have similar traits.   

            It is possible for a believer to become completely free from iniquities that plague his or her life if demoniacs are dealt with first, after making a full repentance before God with the attitude of a contrite and humble heart. Behavior modification then becomes much, much easier. Ignoring or being ignorant of the demonic interference involved in a Christian's life is one of the biggest mistakes a Christian can make.

            I believe the deceptive ploy of the so called "ancestral demon" or "gate keeper" or "power demon" controlling other demons in a person's soul is at the top of the list of Satan's strategic plans to maintain control over today's believers.

            Usually, the ancestral demon starts working to create a demonic personality within the mind of his infant victim as soon as he encounters the child. One way he does this is by placing thoughts into a child’s mind over and over again until the brain washing effect takes its toll. As time passes, a demonic personality grows and enlarges itself along with the development of the child, which most often counterfeits the God given personality created by God. He also works in concert with the demons controlling the parents to get the parents to take actions which help further the destructive influences of Satan over the child’s mind, continually weakening and replacing the personality designed by God. 

            The demonic parents of a helpless child can be lead by their demons to cause emotional trauma in a child's mind by neglecting and abusing a child's soul, causing the soul of the child to fragment, creating additional personalities. These personalities many times are not demonic personalities created by the brain washing effects of demons, but are created by a child’s own mind, as a protective mechanism against the trauma being experienced by the child. This presents the Christian counselor with not only the problem of dealing with deliverance from demons and demonic personalities, but also with non-demonic personalities as well. There is simply no way to effectively deal with the possibility for this enormous amount of confusion and still help the victim become free, without first, seeking and receiving revelation and guidance from The Holy Spirit.

            How do I know what I have said here is true? Am I just repeating what I have read and discussed with Dr. Allbright or is there another reason why I believe these things are true knowledge, imparted by the Holy Spirit? I believe what I am saying is true, because I have seen it with my own eyes, in counseling with other Christians as well as in my own life. I have been freed from Demonic activity, myself, and it took years of pain and heart ache to bring me to the point of yielding to The Holy Spirit and then being set free by Him.

            How can the reader start recognizing this evil in themselves, their family and others? One can start recognizing this evil by first asking that the Holy Spirit reveal the truth. Secondly, ask the following questions. Is there sustained, unexplainable and uncontrollable anger coupled with hateful and judgmental attitudes in you? Do you believe gossip and base your actions on it? Are you always having a conflict with some one? Is your life, in general, improving or staying the same? Are you a chronic complainer and fault finder? Are you working harder and harder but achieving less and less? Are you very depressed? Are you lonely? Are you having a hard time finding a mate? When was the last time you were wrong? Did you admit to the appropriate people that you were wrong and ask for their forgiveness? Have you forgiven someone but do you still find it hard to forget what they have done to you? Is there someone who has hurt you or a loved one so bad that you just cannot forgive them? Do you feel very uncomfortable around people you do not know? When bad things happen to people you know, is your first instinct to wonder if they did something to cause this to happen? Do you suffer from addictions that you just cannot quit? Are you a perfectionist? Are you sloppy? Are you defensive toward others? Is fornication a life style for you? Do you think about money, someone or something else more than you think about God? These are just a few indications that something is wrong in a person’s mind. However, they are not necessarily an indication of the presence of demonic activity. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal this activity effectively.

            I would like to end this by warning the reader to examine his or her own soul and to yield fully to the Holy Spirit to make sure no demonic influence resides there. If you need help in doing this please let me know. The Holy Spirit has taught me much more than I am able to talk to the reader about here. This is only a small example of the kinds of things that are rarely taught in most churches today. Many pastors are victims themselves. 

           People who have not accepted Christ or who are oppressed by Satan can create an atmosphere, which opens a door for their children to be oppressed by Satan. A person may become born again in spirit, but may need deliverance of the soul (I believe mankind is a tri-fold being made up of body, soul and spirit.) (1 Th. 5:23) Demons create strongholds in one’s soul to satisfy the purposes of Hell. They cannot touch a believer’s spirit because God lives there. Demons and strongholds do not automatically leave the soul when a person accepts Christ as their savior. We are born into the Kingdom of God in spirit, but we must work out the salvation of our soul through the leading of the Holy Spirit. In Phl. 2:12 Paul said, “Wherefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not in my presence only, but in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

The personality that God gave each human being is unique and has great potential for good. It is important that we allow The Holy Spirit to nurture and protect that personality and also repair the damage that has been done to it as a result of being born into a fallen world. We should not let our pride and the lies of Satan prevent us from receiving such a great gift. Like the hard drive of a computer, one's soul can accept good programming or evil programming. If demons have had control, perhaps, since before birth, it is going to be very hard to retrain thought processes to accept the goodness that comes from knowing Christ, while demons still maintain control of our thoughts. The positive results that come in our own strength will only be temporary at best. Sooner or later our strength will fail. This will leave the demonic Christian in a bigger and bigger mess making it harder and harder to become free. This downward spiral has led to the early death of many of God’s people.  

            Strongholds, influenced by a gate keeper can never be broken by the human will alone. The reason Alcoholics Anonymous makes members admit, that they are alcoholics forever, is because no provision in the program deals with the spiritual root of the problem. It only deals with the symptoms. We need a 3 step program, not a 12 step program, to deal with the root of all strongholds. Those three steps are salvation, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and subjugation of flesh and Satan, just as our Lord did during his forty days in the dessert. All Christians take the first step, some take the second, but very few take the third step. Many of those who do take the third step fail to complete it, usually due to a lack of knowledge or spiritual pride, reinforced by the very enemy, they need to rid themselves of. We can only begin to enter into the plans that God has designed for our lives after we have yielded to The Holy Spirit and allowed him to lead us through, to victory, in this battle for our own souls.

            If Jesus, Himself, spent forty days in the desert subduing the flesh and Satan, before he started his ministry, who are we to think that we can slip past Satan by ignoring him. By the way, convincing us he isn’t there is his most successful tactic and he is a master deceiver.


Wayne Wade

Minister – Full Gospel Fellowship


            Dr. Joe Allbright who has been a Christian counselor in the Houston, Texas area for years has written a book (“Liberating the Bruised”), which explains the workings of demons to some degree. God used Dr. Allbright to give me a basic awareness of this terrible entrapment some years ago. The Holy Spirit has since given me a more in depth understanding of how they work to control a person throughout their entire life.


Note: I do not agree with everything in this book. Dr. Albright is confused about the spirit and soul and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Nothing I or anyone else says should be taken at face value but should be measured through the filter of the Holy Spirit. I do not believe there is a demon around every corner, just every other corner. Most of God’s people are ill equipped with the knowledge it takes to first recognize and then deal with this problem in themselves and others.