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   Wayne Wade

Life Styles:
 (Only one will start producing an eternal legacy.)


     Let me start with some brief remarks about the most productive life style anyone can ever have but at the same time one that most people never acquire. It is not a life style shaped by religion or worldly accomplishments, but by an ever deepening relationship with the God of everything. People who choose this life style are continually blessed as they grow in their ability to trust God by exercising the faith He willing makes available to the entire world. Their surroundings here on earth increasingly become patches of life and hope, not only for themselves but many others as well. However, this is a life style which must be consciously pursued day-in and day-out. For starters, it can only be embarked upon by first receiving from God a new spirit and a new heart. We receive this new spirit and heart by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord. This then enables us to pursue this incredible life style as we gain knowledge by studying the word of God and then apply that knowledge to each decision we make in life. This knowledge is not gained by just reading the bible. What we read must be interpreted through the understanding and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. As this happens our thoughts gradually become more conformed to the mind of Christ. As our thoughts change, the appropriate actions will follow. This is a life long process. The more we follow what I am saying here the more powerful the results will become but no Christian has ever reaches perfection in living this life style here on earth. Nevertheless, as we are able to make more and more right choices based on the word of God, the events in our lives will begin to bring more and more favorable results and more of God's peace. As we persevere, we become the catalyst for many profound happenings to take place punctuated by many miracles. The entire world basks in the light of Christians who choose to live this life style. Yet, the world does not understand this life style nor anyone who chooses to live this way. It's a foolish undertaking to most people. Many times people are "down right" offended by anyone who chooses to live this way. Even most Christians cannot live this way. In the bible one of the greatest examples of a person who followed this life style is Paul. Consequently, Paul's works on earth will shine throughout the ages and continue to build an everlasting legacy for him in Christ. This life style will also do the same thing for all those who choose to live it. I repeat again, only a remnant of the Christian community, at any one time in history, has chosen to consistently follow this life style. The vast majority of Christians I meet never start the journey. 

     There are several major reasons why this happens. Fear, false teaching, demonic oppression, lack of knowledge and idols are some of these reasons. You see, it is The Holy Spirit who leads us into the needed truth necessary to begin living an eternally successful life here in this present world but The Holy Spirit won't make a Christian follow Him. By ignoring this needed relationship with The Holy Spirit it is impossible to gain an understanding of the truth. This undertaking cannot be started by just reading the bible for yourself, or, by just listening to the teaching of others. It's a very narrow road. Many Christians who will enjoy eternal life in the presence of God still choose not to follow the path I am briefly describing here. Sadly, the life style choices made by most Christians is not all that much different from the rest of the world who are not Christians.  

     A light house is a good analogy which I hope helps the reader visualize where I am coming from when I describe what fuels the actions of the people in this book "Legacy". Interestingly enough we are like light houses. The electric light bulb in a light house can be compared to the power we possess, as Christians, in our new born spirit, which then has to be focused through a glass prism. That prism is analogous to our human soul (mind, will, emotions). The prism concentrates and directs light from the power source into a beam which cuts through the darkness to help guide ships to safety. Just like a prism, the soul of a Christian can concentrate and focus the light from their spiritual power source out into a dark world, becoming a light which guides others to safe harbors. However, there is a catch. The supernatural light radiating from the new born spiritual power source can become distorted by a soul (mind, will, emotions) damaged by sin. When that happens the light beam can become distorted or may not shine at all. I have experienced this personally in my own life. Actually, sin has already damaged every single human soul born into this world. That is one reason why we need the Holy Spirit's guidance in restoring this prism of the soul after we become Christians and that takes time and effort. Just because we become Christians doesn't mean that we have souls which can direct and focus God's light properly. Some souls are more damaged than others so it can take longer. In my case I had a very damaged soul and it took forty years for me to realize I had a problem.  I hope the true events I have written about in "Legacy" will help people to begin to visualize how the body, soul and spirit of a human being functions and also how they can and do relate to God, other people and the Devil. This applied knowledge has given me the ability to take charge of every circumstance that I have faced in life and I believe it will help you do the same. Now that's quite a mouthful.   







Wayne Wade
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