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I have been young, and now I'm old;
Yet I have not seen those in right standing with God be forsaken nor their descendants begging for bread

Young Wayne Wade

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The Most Important Message You Will Ever Read!

     Like many people, I chose to believe that there was no God, or at least not a God, who was willing to provide the peace necessary to allow my pain to stop and the healing of my mind begin. Yet, in reality, He does exist and He was able and willing to do what I believed was impossible. There was just one little catch. He needed me to do something first, but I was stuck. The strength of youth and conditioning to work hard put enough financial resources in my pocket to survive, but offered little more than the temporary ability to keep me on a tread mill. I could only tread out a futile existence year after year. Truth is, I was slowly drowning, while dog paddling in a sea of little, but endless wrong choices. With each passing year the pain became more intense. New sorrows were added to the old ones. The life line was near, and yet, so far away. Here was my problem and it was not only mine but also the major problem which plagues us all. I would not listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, so He could direct me one stroke at a time in the direction of my salvation. How was I ever going to find dry land? Much less, how was I ever going to allow Him to direct me to that path which would lead to God's purpose for my life? As it turned out, that was a lot easier than I realized. Taking the first step wasn't the hard part. All I needed to do was turn and follow His voice. The hard part was realizing that I needed to take that first step, in the first place. I just couldn't stop trying to figure things out for myself. One evening, in desperation, I walked outside the control room of a large chemical plant, where I worked. I looked up, and said these words from my heart. "God, I do not understand you or know much about you, but my life is a mess, and I am making an even bigger mess of it, with each passing day. I am now asking you to take my life and make of it what you will.  God, I choose to believe in you as Lord of all and I choose to believe that every word in the Bible is true whether I understand it or not". It was a simple statement and I meant every word of it. There was no third party to hear what I was saying. It was just a conversation between God and me and I did all the talking. With those words, it was as though I had turned on a light. Instantly I felt a hope for the future, which I had not felt since turning my back on God many years before. I said those words to God over 35 years ago. Was I faithful to instantly turn every single situation in my life over to Him at that point? Heck no! However, He was faithful to me. When I strayed toward my usual way of thinking, His newness of mind, would create in me fresh inspirations. Those new thoughts allowed me to begin making little changes to my life. I would listen and then put into action the thoughts which He put into my head. These thoughts led me to take "baby steps" at first. They didn't tell me to sell my home and become a missionary to Africa.

     I had actually confessed Jesus Christ, God's Son, as Lord when I was 8 years old but then denied Him when I was 12. Now, I was making the choice to establish a relationship with Him for good. Believers can carry on a conversation with God like one would talk to another person. One can express themselves and then listen to get a response. Most Christians call "talking to God", prayer, but prayer is nothing more than carrying on a conversation with God. From the very first moment, when I started talking to God, He started leading me to do things, which I had no motivation to do before. He put thoughts in my head which were fresh and so different from anything which I had thought about in the past. Yet, those thoughts from God were never hard to act upon. No, He did not speak to me in an audible voice. However, I knew it was God's voice. Every thought He placed in my head lined up with what had been revealed to me in scripture, by the Holy Spirit. Every direction He gave me benefited others more than it did me. In the past, thoughts like these were foreign to me. However, just because God started putting these thoughts into my head did not mean that I immediately acted upon every one of them. It took time to come around to trusting this way of communicating and acting upon the Holy Spirit's directions. To complicate things, I had other voices talking to me also, which had resided in my mind for many years. Those voices had conditioned me, by default, to think in very destructive ways. To this very day, I have to be very careful not to entertain these patterns of destructive thinking. As time went by, however, and as I continued to listen and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit, I noticed more and more good things happening in my life. Using my natural reasoning, I could not trace these happenings to either my obedience to God or my own good thinking. They just seemed to happen. Yet, I knew deep down inside that they were no accident. Thus, more trust was built between God and me. Here is a universal truth that will never fail. Trust in God grows through experiencing God's goodness toward us, as we respond in obedience to his voice. However, we should not try to tailor our actions just to gain God's favor. We should act in accordance with our sense of God's love in that action. We believers can always sense God's love. If we don't sense God's love in an action, then don't do it. That's a mouthful. If we love God, we will obey Him in love and not out of a sense of duty or fear. It 's just that simple. 

     As these communications with God continued, God started changing two things. He started changing my circumstances and He started changing me. Many times those changes were uncomfortable. I studied the bible for myself, instead of reading a lot of books about what other Christians thought. Believe me when I say this. There are a lot of screwed up Christians who either believe things that are not in the bible or don't believe things that are in the bible. Some of them have large followings. I study the bible, for myself, and ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand it. He does. Amazingly, as I have grown in the knowledge of God's word, I automatically make better and better choices which allow me to receive more and more peace, healing, wisdom, love and even greater material blessings, as they are needed to accomplish that next step in my Holy Spirit guided walk here on earth. Yet, almost every change was very uncomfortable at first, but the results keep getting better. The good news is this. What I am continuing to experience as an old man is available to anyone who is willing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Maybe the reader has never confessed God's Lordship in the first place. That's okay. You can do it now. You can confess him as Lord of all and start receiving his peace of mind at this very minute. (Romans 10:9) It's a choice though. God is not going to draw close to you until you draw close to Him (Hebrews 11:6) and the only way to do that is believe on the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who is also God. The decision is in your hands. God has already provided His part.

     In our hearts, we already realize that there is an all-powerful, all knowing and omnipresent God. However, if one continues to believe the world, instead of what I have just said, then the ability to believe that truth will diminish. One's circumstances will eventually worsen, no matter how much worldly success is achieved. Today, I am old. I shutter to think of where I and my family would be now, if I had not made the right choice when I did. The world is falling apart. Messengers of this present darkness work overtime to blindly pull others down with them, as they preach lies which are nevertheless very tantalizing. To make matters worse, the world is also strewn with Christian leaders who are deceived into moving away from the truth by compromising God's word. Know this. Jesus Christ has only one church and that church is built and empowered by a true knowledge of His word. Yet, many simply refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to grow them in the knowledge (2 Peter 1:2-8) of God. Worse yet, they are deceived into believing lies. Don't do that. Instead, do this.

     Listen to your own heart by first asking God to allow you to hear from your heart. Don't listen to any other voice other than that speaking from your own heart. Here is the way to know that it is your heart speaking. Once you get in touch with this "deep inner you" which God's word calls the heart, it will confirm to you that Jesus is who he says he is in the bible. He is Lord of All. Then God, through His Holy Spirit, will agree with your heart, and confirm that this is really true. Say it out loud. "Jesus Christ is Lord of All". If that does not feel true to you, then you are listening to the wrong voice. That voice is not coming from your heart. Stop listening to that voice immediately. Better yet, tell that voice to stop speaking to you and leave your mind immediately. If it doesn't stop speaking, cry out to God from your heart, and ask Him to make this voice of unbelief leave your mind. Then, confess Christ as Lord again. Do this until you experience a deep peace come over you. As you take this action, and really mean it, you are glorifying God. Glorifying God makes Him more real to you. He is already real but an unbelieving heart doesn't believe that He is real. As you acknowledge that He is real, you glorify Him. If you are not already born of the spirit, you need to do only one thing to experience the power of God. That one thing is to turn the light switch of belief and unbelief to the "on" position. That "on" position is the decision to believe on His Son, Jesus Christ and confess Him as Lord of all. (John 1:12) (Rom. 10:9) After you have done that one thing, God will start showing you a great many things, but He will not force you to do anything which you choose not to do. What He will do, however, is provide more and more peace in your life, as you choose to do more and more things his way. 

     If the reader has read this far, it is definitely not too late for you to receive the great gift of life and peace which God wants to give you. However, don't wait any longer to act on what I have said. The following scriptures tell what will happen if you wait too long. (
Rom. 1:19-22 - Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shown it to them. For the invisible things of him (a knowledge of God) from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools) Don't become a fool. Some very famous and powerful people have become fools and their lives here on earth always end badly, but nothing like the hell which they will experience after this natural death, as they are separated from the presence of God forever. Don't chose to do that. Do this instead. Without any further ado, here's how to begin this incredible journey toward peace, healing, joy, and hope which will displace the pain and anguish. Itís simple. Find a quiet place, where you can get in touch with your inner self (your heart). Then, again, I say let your heart tell your wavering mind (the place were all your jumbled-up thoughts are located) that you are going to listen to your heart instead of your head (again, the place were all your jumbled-up thoughts are located). Don't follow me, but follow what I have already done years ago. The proof of the validity of my words comes later, not before you chose to confess Jesus Christ as Lord of all. I have my proof. When are you going to allow God to prove Himself to you? (Heb. 3:8-11) (Next Page)