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   Wayne Wade

Are You a Point of Light or Just a Reflection?    

    Who are these points of light and where do they come from? What makes them so different, always bringing a celestial brilliance to the dark and decrepit things around them, turning their environment into gardens of life and hope? Their legacies live on forever. They even illuminate those lives who choose to be only a reflection of that light which they, themselves, continually generate. Unlike others who glow for only an instant, then fade to blackest black for all eternity, their works are everlasting. In the bible, Daniel is one of these points of light whose words will ring true throughout the ages. King Darius was just a reflection of that light whose great kingdom has long ago crumbled only to be remembered when history tells the story of Daniel.

    Which one are you?

    You see, there are only two types of people. The first type chooses to be only a reflection of the light around them if they choose at all. Even so, history’s honor role is replete with the names of those who do choose this path. Their numbers go on to achieve great things, becoming quite remarkable human beings in the eyes of history and their fellow man. They have and will make great contributions to society as a whole in the fields of science, medicine, technology, politics and every other field of human endeavor imaginable. The bible speaks of Nimrod and he was such a person. Many of America’s founding fathers as well as some of her Presidents were numbered in this ranking of exceptional human beings but the list doesn’t stop here. World history books are filled with the incredible exploits of humans who chose to reflect the light. “Truth be known”, every human, within themselves possesses this ability because we are created in the image of God. It is his breath of life which resides within us. However, those who choose to become only a good reflection of light, though they do great works, their works shall eventually be discarded and consumed by the fires of time. It shall be as if they never lived because their vain legacy is just the reflection of a point of light and not the light, itself. Never-the-less this path is a most noble path of honored recognition among the nations and most of the peoples of this world.   

    Ah, but the second type of person is the one who chooses not only to be born of the spirit but to also become a generator of light and not just a reflection of the light around them. They choose to be led by the Spirit of God, turning total darkness into a cloudless noontime day wherever they go. They are new creatures who shall be known throughout eternity as the sons of God. Their works are eternal and their legacy forever sure. Death has no power over them. Their names shall never be blotted out and among those names are the names of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, The Twelve Apostles, Paul, Saint Jerome, Joan of Arc, King James, Queen Victoria, William ‘Daddy” Seymour and Billy Graham, just to name a few.   

    Which kind of person do you want to be? It’s your choice but you cannot do it alone.

    You cannot become a point of light by trying to reason things out yourself because within ourselves, humans cannot become anything which will last beyond a finite number of tomorrows. It is simply not in our nature. Humans are earthy with a bent toward nothing but the things of this earth which will one day pass away. To truly make a lasting difference one must first be born of God’s Spirit and then be led by His Holy Spirit. It is His Spirit flowing through our mind which quickens and enables us humans to see the everlasting path for our lives. Secondly, although you may already have the Spirit of God living within, you must still continually make conscious decisions to follow the voice of that Spirit of God. That Spirit is the only one who can consistently enlighten the pathway uniquely created by God for each and every human to follow. Only you can follow the path God has created especially for you. As you follow this path an amazing thing will start happening. You will continually be transformed into an eternal point of light.

How can you get started on this path?    



 Wayne Wade
Wade @ Iam777.org
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