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   Wayne Wade

There are Three Kinds of People    

Let me start with some remarks about the first type of person. Where do they come from and what makes them so different? They always radiate light with a celestial brilliance which continually beckons the lost and darkened human souls of this world to come to that light. Over time they turn their environment into gardens of life and hope. Their legacies are assured forever. They illuminate their surroundings, including the lives of those who choose to only reflect the light which they, themselves, continually generate through the Spirit of God which lives within them. Unlike that second type of human being, who glows for only an instant, then fades to blackest black, the works of this first type of person shall go from everlasting to everlasting. In the bible, Old Testament Daniel, who was justified by the Blood of Jesus Christ, is an example of this first kind of human being. His words will ring true throughout the ages. He shall rule and reign with Christ throughout eternity here on earth and in heaven. King Darius, on the other hand, who ruled and reigned over Daniel for a short time on earth, is a good example of the second kind of human being. He reflected the light radiated by those like Daniel, but he did not allow himself to become the source of that light. Therefore, his great kingdom has long ago crumbled only to be remembered when the eternal story of Daniel is told. 
    Let me continue by saying that rising to the statue of this second type of person like Darius is no small feat. It’s very impressive in the eyes of the world because it is all that the world is capable of seeing and it is all that they can see because they look only with their natural eyes. What Darius achieved in life was a very profound accomplishment which made King Darius the “cream of the crop” of this second kind of person. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would be other good examples of these very accomplished "cream of the crop" people. They are all good examples of this second type of person, who is many times a very accomplished human being, and yet, can be personally damned for eternity. Here is why I say that. You see, a person like Darius refuses to receive and then walk by the Spirit of God, but Darius still had a soul untarnished enough to reflect the light of the Holy Spirit of God when it was generated by others, like Daniel. Yet, since this second type of human being is only a good reflector of light and not a generator of light, their goals in life will always be carnal. This is so because they can only see the things of this natural world which are passing away. Even the temporary good that they do can only occur in the presence of this first type of human being who walks by the leading of God's Holy Spirit through faith in Christ. Here is another astounding thought. While some, among this second type of person are unbelievers like Darius, as remarkable as it may sound, some among this type are actually believers in Christ, who do not walk by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Sadly, whether unbeliever or believer, both still have this one bad thing in common. Not a single one of them lets go of their carnal thinking long enough to see Jesus the Christ as the only one true answer to every problem. So, this second type of human being, even if born of the Spirit, is not able to allow the light generating power of that Holy Spirit to flow from their spirit to their soul (the part of a person that does the thinking). This light from a believer's spirit is the only light that will dispel the total darkness of this world. (It is the spirit of Christ in us which is the hope of glory) This second type of person, believer or nonbeliever, can sometimes awe the world by initiating tremendous works done to satisfy the deep longing from within themselves, but to no avail, because it is in a relationship with Christ where all humans are created to find fulfillment. Sadly, as time passes, this second type of person becomes ever more deceived into falling deeper into the twisted and perverted web of the “Ole Deceiver", Satan, himself and they usually drag many other hapless souls down with them. To make matters worse, many times this second type of person is deceived into believing that Satan doesn't exist. They are also prone to falling for another big lie, which says that all those who are led by Christ's Holy Spirit are fanatics who are somehow intellectually inferior. We see many present day political figures and highly educated people of every type falling for this lie. To make matters worse, many Christians, although they may know the truth, do not stand for the truth. Fear of man makes them do this because they do not want to be persecuted. When God's people live under this spirit of fear which always masks who a believer is in Christ, they can be easily shamed into becoming this second type of person. Many times this shaming process happens with the help of other well respected reflectors of light. Today, this dynamic is becoming stronger in it's ability to silence God's people and a silent church always works with Satan instead of against him as just another tool to reinforce his lies. Yes, as Christians are silenced through fear of man and ignorance of who they are in Christ, the world is left to look only to these second types of human beings for answers, who are, themselves, very prone to the sway of the evil one. This second type of person is also a double minded person. On one occasion they may be a good reflector of light and on another occasion a bad reflector. This causes enormous confusion in societies and confusion is the Devil's playground. Yes, fear and lack of knowledge turns God's people into accomplices of Satan, as they are reduced to the ranks of those who just reflect the light instead of becoming the light. 
    Here is another thought.
I have learned over the years that all temporal good works, like all reflections, will fade with time. If one is only a reflector of light, then what will happen in total darkness where there is no source of light to reflect? Never-the-less this second type of person is what many noble people in history have chosen to become, including many Christians, and becoming a good reflector of light is indeed a most desirable prerequisite for gaining wealth and honored recognition among the peoples and nations of the world. Many of America's founding fathers were among the brightest of this second type of human being. They brightly reflected the temporal values associated with the radiant truth exuding from Holy Spirit filled pastors across the land, while many of them, themselves, denied Christ and his Holy Spirit.

    I don't have much to say at all about the third type of person, except that when I was born into this world, I was one. This third type of wretched being is neither born of the Spirit nor capable of reflecting the light from those who are born of the spirit. This being's soul is completely blackened over so they reflect no light and their thoughts are continually evil. They rejoice in taking life, especially the lives of the weak and powerless creations of God. Evil is their good and good is their evil. To reason with them is to reason with the Devil because the humanity of their soul has been turned to stone. Yet one drop of my redeemer's blood is more than enough to bring down a Holy Spirit driven tsunami which is infinitely more powerful than that required to split these hearts of stone.
    Let me say in closing that the first type of person, who is a generator of light will always become the light that shines in total darkness. They are the Spirit led members of the body of Jesus Christ. When this body of believers is removed, than the world will indeed become a very dark place. Interestingly enough, these believers had to be in place or there would have been no reflections of light to produce even the great natural events in history. Here is the "hard to understand" part. It was from the first type of person's reflected light that the way was lite for people to see the wisdom in creating governments which are run by the people and for the people. Reflections from this light also lite the pathway of understanding to an industrial revolution which started in the nineteenth century and a communications revolution which started in the latter half of the twentieth century. However, all this is passing away not because they are not wonderful works but because they are only temporal works. The truth is this. The majority of the masses of this world are composed of the third wretched type of human being who loves only darkness and they will only be pacified for a while by temporal works created in the presence of the reflected light of Christ. They tolerate it because it satisfies their carnal desires but their appetite is insatiable. When the church is weakened enough by fear and a lack of knowledge to stop being that first type of human being, thus becoming the second type, then the world will be plunged into a very dark place. It is the light radiating Church of Jesus Christ and it only which has the ability to turn the total darkness of this world into a cloudless noontime day wherever it shines and it also possesses the message (gospel) to turn stones like me to flesh. Signs and wonders follow its steps of faith and its members are new creatures who shall be known throughout eternity as the sons of God. Their individual works are eternal and their legacy forever sure. Death has no power over them. Their names shall never be blotted out and among those names are the names of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Samuel, Daniel and The Prophets, The Twelve Apostles, Paul, Saint Jerome, Joan of Arc, King James, Queen Victoria, Henrietta Chamberlain King, William ‘Daddy” Seymour, Billy Graham, Rev. Martin Luther King, Joyce Meyer, Andrew Wommack, Mike Manuel and a host of others including the readers who are reading this now if they choose to believe on Christ Jesus and then allow themselves to be led by His Holy Spirit. The crux of the matter is this. One must choose to be born of the spirit, thus gaining the light generating power to become the light and not just one who chooses to reflect the light and to do this one must believe in what is foolish to the natural mind which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Yes, I say again, "There are three kinds of people. There are those who generate light, those who just reflect light and those black holes of the soul whose every thought is evil.
How do you see yourself? Are you more like Daniel or Darius? I do not ask this question of the the third type of person because the devil so owns their soul that they have stopped reading by now. Will any of the things which you are committing your time to today last forever? Do you even believe that God has made a path to an eternal legacy which is available for every human who has ever lived on the face of the earth, including you?

Here are seven steps which will assure the reader of becoming that first type of person    




Wayne Wade
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