Seven Prerequisites for a Successful Life

1.             Become born of the spirit.                                                                                         

2.             Receive the anointing of Holy Spirit.                                                                                         

3.             Learn to rightly divide the Word of God.

4.             Receive deliverance from influences of the Devil.

5.             Take authority over the spirit of fear.

6.             Walk by faith not sight.

7.             Love your enemies.


    These are the basic steps required to assure that a human being will become and maintain his or her position as that first type of person which I described on the front page of my web site, but here is a shocking fact. Over 80% of all Christians today do not fit into the category of that first type of person. Why? Because they lack proper knowledge. The vast majority of believers today, although they will go to heaven when they die, will also live in defeat while here on earth. They will also be unable to build very little, if any eternal heritage whatsoever. The bible says that “for the lack of knowledge my people perish” and the lack of knowledge of God’s people who are alive in the earth today is appalling. For example, I recently heard a long time and well respected Pastor of a very large church declare that God actually causes bad things to happen to believers in order to mature them. The bible says no such thing but his audience clapped wildly as he made this statement. With lies like this being accepted as fact, it is no wonder that the Church is making such a small difference in the world. It is for this reason that I am called to write this information down on this web site and also in a book entitled “Legacy” which will be published at the end of next year. I will be explaining these 7 steps in more detail in the following months on this web site as well as refining some of the more crude remarks that I have made in the side bar links over the years as the Holy Spirit is continually clarifying my thinking to better reflect the mind of Christ. I also realize these are astoundingly provocative statements that I am making but they will also bring life, peace and joy to all those Christians who are willing to heed them as well as victory after victory in their life while they are here on earth. More importantly, the believer who heeds my Holy Spirit inspired words will go on to build an incredibly rich and everlasting legacy.

Wayne Wade