More Explanation of the Meaning of "Born of the Spirit"

The totality of scriptures screams out truth to no avail for many theologians, who teach, unabashedly, year after year, the errors which, they, themselves, have been taught. A particularly danger lie, because it strikes at the very core of who we are as Christians, says that Adam already had been given a living self-aware spirit, which was corrupted when he sinned. It also says that the redemptive Spirit of Christ remakes that corrupt spirit through the new birth. There is only one problem with this teaching. It cannot be verified by scripture. Genesis 3:22 would make no sense if this were true and what about the angels? If this were true, why couldn't the angels, who sinned confess Christ too and receive this makeover? However, nowhere does the bible indicate that a corrupted fully self-aware spirit can be made okay again, by receiving a retread from God. (Okay, granted, some put a different twist on this line of reasoning, by saying God completely removes the old spirit and gives us a completely new one.) Once again, not true. The bible makes it very clear that every fully formed self-aware spiritual being (angels), who sins, finds no recourse, and eventually winds up in hell. How can this be? How could a just God have one law for angels and another for mankind? The answer is this. He doesn't. Adam's spirit didn't sin, because it couldn't. Adam was not a fully formed self-aware spirit at his creation and neither were you. He received only the spiritual breath of God, which could either unit with the tree of life, or the spirit of Christ, to become that fully self-ware spiritual personage. The tree of life had no ability to redeem. The Spirit of Christ did. If the spirit of a person has not been born yet, it can't sin. Therefore, when Adam committed the first sin, his spirit did not participate because it couldnít. The first sin was a sin of the soul, affecting the plight of this natural world alone. When spiritual Satan sinned, he affected the entire kingdom of God. Itís that simple. This train of taught also explains nicely why Adam was originally placed in this natural environment in the first place. It was Godís plan, all along, for Mankind to become God's eternal offspring, so He protected Adam by making him a little lower than the angels and giving him a human soul to navigate this lower state of being (natural world) until such time as he could make the choice to be born of Christís Spirit. It is Christ's spirit, united with our human spirit (the breath of God), which causes us to become "born of the Spirit" new creatures and the offspring of God himself. (2 Corinthians 5:17) That new creature is shielded from the ultimate consequence of all sin, past, present, and future. The consequences of sin, however, can still affect a believer's body and soul, while living here on this earth. I realize that most Christians are not willing to spend the time to digest what I have just said. Neither could I, until the Holy Spirit revealed it to me. Yet, I do struggle to adequately explain what God has shown me. Hereís one last thought. Christian, before you brushĒ aside what I have just said by declaring it a non-essential truth, I beg you to reconsider. This is not a non-essential truth. Its truths like this which have remarkably changed my life for the better, and no, I cannot always figure out the connections, but I do know that this is an essential truth for this life here on this earth. If you want to win all the time, every time, in this world, then it is very important to know these essential deeper truths of God.