Insurgency Wars Like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghhanistan


All Americans need to have an understanding of the dangerous nature of insurgency and the cancerous effects this type of action has on a free society. As a life-long observer of the human condition, many times witnessing marvelous happenings as a result of God's love, but also witnessing some of the most brutal conditions imaginable, I have come to realize that there is a larger picture that needs to be understood by all Americans and especially the person who occupies the Oval Office, if we are to provide lasting security for our free way of life.  

I fought under one of the greatest field commanders in the history of the U.S. Army, two time Distinguished Service award winner and 4 Star General, Dick Cavazos. I witnessed firsthand, how he led our 1/18th infantry unit through everything from a human wave attack at Loc Ninh, to turning the tables on several major ambushes similar to the one that another Vietnam unit commander, Terry Allen, had succumbed to, at the Battle of Ong Thanh, and also, earlier in 1965, the inexperienced Lt. Colonel Hal Moore, at the Battle of Ia Drang Valley.

It is important that every American have some understanding of this larger picture of insurgency and hostage taking on a national level. Victory against insurgency requires much more than the ability to supply a modern army with the latest technological gadgets in order to win tactical battles, by surgically blowing things up and producing large enemy body counts. We must first begin the battle by teaching our children to understand how precious and how rare our free way of life really is and secondly, we must teach them to recognize and abhor any hint of a political ideology that would seek to destroy our individual freedoms. Every insurgency that America has been involved in, from Vietnam to the one in today's Afghanistan has been led by tyrannical Mafioso style thugs, who are ever learning how to better fly banners under any feigned political ideology (And I donít think this particular type of sociopath really cares which one) as long as it moves them toward their own criminal goal of more and more control over their fellow human beings. This type of evil personality will say or do anything to incrementally advance their own control over their neighbors. They do not become evil. They are evil.

Furthermore, this type of foul smelling parasitic human being always starts small, ever learning how to feed first on fellow human beings in whatever environment they are born into. They naturally have a propensity for sucking on the freedom loving blood of any community, state or country that they are born into, long before they become strong enough to turn their insatiable appetite on the rest of the world. Ho Chi Minh was such a person. Like a viral infection, his entire life was devoted to expanding his borders by mutating into any disguise that would further his evil goals.

If President Johnson could have somehow changed himself into the greatest war time president that had ever lived, and if he could have somehow cloned a multitude of field commanders like Cavazos, the Vietnam War was still doomed to failure, because we did not understand the type of war we were getting involved in and sadly we still donít understand. The communist, under Ho Chi Minh were fighting a war of insurgency, while we were mistakenly trying to fight a war of liberation, much as America had done in World War II. The enemy was conquering hearts and minds, while we were focused on racking up enemy body counts and taking back territory within a certain earthly boundary.

A popular propaganda talking point of the Vietnam War era actually presented Ho Chi Minh as a Vietnamese George Washington and the main stream media in America ran with it. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He was a power hungry despicable little man, who, after World War II had resided in France, helping to establish the communist party there and later was trained in Moscow, under The mass murderer, Stalin, in insurgency tactics. At one point he had not lived in Vietnam for over thirty years. It is obvious that during those thirty years he was in no way looking to develop into a freedom loving George Washington, but rather worked tirelessly to become master of his own brand of evil subterfuge, which had no regard for the human rights of his fellow man what-so-ever as long as his actions put him and his close associates at the top of the food chain. His depraved nature actually enabled him to attract enough like-minded vermin to begin successfully preying on his own helpless countrymen in remote villages across a very vulnerable Northern Vietnam after World War II and long before we Americans became involved. Ho used the carrot and stick tactics he had learned from his Soviet mentors. However, the stick was an axe. His major cohort in crime, who wielded that axe, was General Vű NguyÍn GiŠp. GiŠp, who had trained under the Chinese mass murderer, Mao Zedong after World War II, doing O.J.T., helping that psychopath perpetrate his terrorist tactics to either murder or enslave every living soul in China. GiŠp was an excellent student and he later applied these learned terroristic tactics with uncle Hoís blessing, on the citizens of his own country. Once North Vietnam was subdued, by GiŠp, one of the first things on his to-do list was to round up every land owner in North Vietnam and have them executed. Does that sound like something George Washington did? If it does, you need to go back and read some of the writings of Washington again.

With that lethal statement being made, it was easy, through fear, to press the rest of the North Vietnamese populace into a slave labor force which provided an almost limitless supply of human slaves to serve in his armies, as front line soldiers and porters, carrying supplies down the Ho Chi Minh trail, as well as workers basically imprisoned in agricultural communes to feed the rest. Hapless souls, the subscripted enemy troops, who charged our fortified positions on November 2nd 1967, were mentally little more than ďStockholm SyndromeĒ victims, themselves. They were abused young minds, who had succumb to Hoís personal brand of mass kidnapping and re-education, programed to automatically do his bidding without thinking. Another wonderful characteristic of communist style rule that was so appealing to Ho, was no term limits, no campaigning to stay in office and no opposition party to deal with. He had total power to govern in any way he saw fit. He had learned the ways of Stalin and Chairman Mao well. No communist government has ever tolerated the existence of any type of opposition, period. Ho observed firsthand, when he lived in Moscow, how this type of rule could work for him. He knew that once he gained control of Vietnam, it would be his way or the grave for anyone who opposed him. He most surely witnessed the human cost of this sick ideology, but he was willing to embrace it, anyway. Why? Because it fit flawlessly into the framework of his own depraved way of thinking. A Vietnamese George Washington? I donít think so.

Now entered freedom loving American leadership, who, for all their political differences, were able to recognize communism as a global threat to freedom, which was looking to always to do nothing short of snuffing out all democratic governments everywhere. They were right. That is exactly what all communist governments try to do, even today, with no limits on the amount of human suffering that those at the top are willing to cause in order to maintain and gain more control. It is an intrinsic characteristic of the communist ideology to seek more and more influence over the minds of fellow human beings on the planet by any means possible. If you donít belie me, just read your history book or better yet talk to those who have lived under communist rule. There is no freedom of religion in any communist country because the ultimate goal of people like Ho Chi Minh is the possession of the hearts and minds of every living soul on the planet in order to program each living human being on what to think, where to live, where to work, how to dress, what to eat, how many children to have, and even whether or not to be born and when to die. It is a very wicked mindset which is totally focuses on complete control of others.  

Furthermore, Communist rule is not only accompanied by fear, intimidation and mass murder, but it is also entrenched round-about with lying propaganda and subterfuge, wealth redistribution schemes and government sponsored social programs to entrap the more naÔve underbelly of any given society, especially when it is working to gain a stronger foothold on a nation, where it is not strong enough to take by military force.

We lost the struggle to establish a free Vietnam because we were losing our ability, as a nation, to understand the height and breth of evil. We continually focused on the mechanics of blindly repelling the enemy, who was shooting at us. Instead, we should have first focused on providing protection to citizens of Vietnam, from the insurgents. The next step would have been to educate the younger generations in the ways of freedom and lastly, identifying and installing freedom loving leadership similar to the way it was done in Japan after the war. The patience to stay the course in any case was and still is paramount or our defeat in Vietnam and now in Afghanistan will be repeated over and over where ever we battle insurgents until they arrive at our doorstep. By then it will be too late and the America I have known will cease to exist.