Songs I listened to while pulling guard on ambush patrols at night to stay awake. The radio station transmitted from Saigon and I picked it up with a small transistor radio and ear piece which I bought at the PX in Di An.

I also had small record player I kept at Di An. Marty Robbins was my favorite singer and here is my favorite song on his Gun Fighter Ballard Album.

Shenandoah is the name of a town in Virginia. It is also the name of a county in Virginia. It is also the name of a river in Virginia which runs through a valley in Virginia by that same name. I spent many of my boyhood days in that valley. Shenandoah was also the name given to the last operation, which my unit conducted while my name was on their rolls. After coming home on the last day of November, 1967, I drove to that valley in Virginia with the same name as the military operation and spent Christmas on one of the most beautiful acreages on earth. It was my Grandfather's 200 acre farm, which was nestled just below the Skyline Drive, near Lexington.