Infinity and Random Events

I find it logical to assume that the universe is infinite. In other words, no matter how large a structure or system of structures are, within the universe, it just seems reasonable to say that there is always going to be more space beyond, on into infinity. If the reader can agree with me on this, then we have common ground to carry this discourse further.


If the reader agrees to accept the statement above, then he or she should have no problem agreeing to my next statement. All random events, without intelligent interference, occurring within an infinite universe, must, by the very definition of infinity, be only one of an infinite number of other identical random events, since that single event is taking place within a field of unlimited possibilities provided by an infinite universe. In other words if it happened once by accident, it will happen an infinite number of times by accident.


Now, letís use a simple example for my hypothesis which I am calling the ďLaw of Infinite RandomnessĒ. If life is a random event, then, by this Law, there are an infinite number of other worlds just like ours, which are out there, somewhere, and these worlds are at the very same stage of development as is our world. Not only are there worlds identical to our world but there are also entire cosmosís identical to the one we reside in, if all random events are given an unlimited amount of time to happen. The Law of Infinite Randomness, also insures that what will happen in the future already has happened in the past, since random events in the past have also had an eternity to come about, just like those random events will have an eternity in the future.


This hypothesis also dictates that there are an infinite number of developing events like ours which are lagging behind us in their development and also others which are ahead of us in their development. In other words, The Law of Infinite Randomness dictates that random natural selection has already allowed an infinite number of much more intellectually developed life forms to exist in the universe. Some would be so smart that we would be unable to distinguish them from gods. However, there would also be an infinite number of other beings that would be just smart enough and just inclined enough and just capable enough to have already made contact with us. With this said, my question is this. Have you gotten a phone call or a text from an extraterrestrial being lately? I know I havenít, nor do I know anyone who has. May I suggest that the reason you havenít gotten your call is because no event that ever happened or ever will happen, occurred at random. If it had, you would have received that call by now. The truth is this. There are no random events. All events occur because of the actions taken by an almighty God and through those to whom he has given dominion and authority to.